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Campaign Update: Duck Gives Thanks for Support!

The People’s (and Non-People’s) Choice, Darrell Duck, has completed Thanksgiving Week on the Municipal Election Campaign Trail and all indications point to a resounding victory for the plucky duck in the Ottawa Mayoral vote on October 27.

Duck on a Wave - © blogspot comDuck is riding a tsunami of support!

It’s been another tumultuous week on the Ottawa Mayoralty Campaign Trail for  powerhouse come-from-behind candidate Darrell “Daffy” Duck! With new polls just in indicating he’s a shoe-in for the City’s Top Job among Non-Human voters and kudos from all quarters on his UBER ride sharing service policy, Duck is riding a tsunami of support.

Although he has been barred from any remaining mayoral debates, Duck remains confident that his message will resound among the populace, given another week of intensive waddling door-to-door, meeting his People. And he remains steadfast in the wake of villainous murmurs from the cowering opposition about inappropriate personal behaviour and the spectre of rampant nepotism under a Duck Regime.

“That-th dethpicable!” Duck asserts. “And I’ll address publicly any allegations anyone cares to make openly! C’mon! I dare yah!”


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