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All Warner Bros., Jay Ward Productions Disney and Hanna-Barbera animation images are the property of their respective originators.

Frank Sinatra image – Capitol Records © 1978 Sid Avery

Royal Swans image ©

600th. Bombardment Sqn. image © 600th. Bombardment Sqn. VA

Ottawa Panorama image © G. Baranski

Marx Brothers image © Paramount Pictures

Original The Circle Game lyrics by Joni Mitchell © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Joni Mitchell image ©

Original Pothole image © News 1310

Original Canal Tour Boat image ©

Original Mother and Ducklings image ©

Original Wetlands Conservation image © Crazy Crow Music

Tofurky image ©

Duke the Dog image © WDAY-TV

Original Garbage Truck image ©

Original Daffy and Donald image ©

Original Treehouse image ©

Raccoon in Green Bin image © 2014 LexnGar

Original Tsunami Surfer image ©

Happy Carpoolers image – ©

Rob and Doug Ford image ©

Finally, for seminal inspiration, our thanks to the one and only Firesign Theatre, which lives here.

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