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Campaign Report: First Week on the Hustings!

Darrel Duck has completed his first official week on the Municipal Election Campaign trail and, after talking with Ottawa Voters from many parts of town, he has discovered some interesting facts…

  • Most Ottawa voters can’t name the main contenders in this fall’s mayoralty race, except for the incumbent, who has reportedly met every single resident of the city at one time or another while making appearances at some sort of ‘opening’ or another.
  • Most Ottawa voters can’t name the Ward they live in. “All I know is, when the names on the lawn signs change, we’re not in Kitchissippi anymore, Toto!” one head-scratching citizen commented.
  • Most Ottawa voters can’t name their Councillor or any of the candidates running against him/her. “Who is our Councillor out here, anyway?” is fast becoming the most-asked question by voters upon whose doorsteps Duck has landed recently. The most-asked is, “Why on earth did you decide to run for Mayor?”
  • Most Ottawa voters can’t tell you whether it’s paper week or glass-and-metal week for garbage pick-up on their block.
  • Most Ottawa voters don’t really care.

Duck is shocked and appalled at this lack of civic pride and awareness. He told supporters yesterday, at a weekly wrap-up campaign debriefing, that his mission has expanded form simply seeking to lead to one of educating the public about their town, and, for instance, explaining why they pay more for bus rides than anybody else in North America, and why we had to pay for the Strandherd Bridge three times!


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